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Call us at 1-770-720-1847 to discuss hawk rescue.  We care for raptors (birds of prey) that cannot be released back to the wild.

We also rehabilitate hawks, owls, eagles, kites, falcons and ospreys.

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization located in North Georgia providing hawk rescue and care for other raptors (birds of prey) including owls, eagles, falcons and osprey.hawk rescue and owl rehabilitation

We operate our facility based on donations from caring people who, for one reason or another, aren’t in the position to be rehabbers themselves, but are interested in and dedicated to the preservation and protection of raptors.

We also do off site programs for schools, nature centers, scouts, birthday parties, public displays, etc.  This is done on a fee basis. Please call for details!

Hacking for hawk rescue or owl rehabilitation.

Hacking is an old falconry technique that is literally, thousands of years old. Hacking (AKA soft release) is how we re-introduced the Golden Eagle back to the Cumberland Plateau in northwest Georgia, the American Bald eagle to the Lake Allatoona area north of Atlanta and the Peregrine Falcon in downtown Atlanta.  We can help you with this procedure or provide it as a service.
For more information, see our blog post on Hacking Orphaned Hawks and Owls.

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1 week ago

HawkTalk, Inc.

Well, I had to make the decision to euthanize the sweet Great horned owl. He couldn't find static food and one of the minimum federal requirements is that they be able to see well enough to feed themselves. It's a quality of life issue and I think it's a good rule. But still sad. 🙁 ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for caring, and for trying.

I'm sure it never gets easy even though he's flying free now.

Always a hard thing to do....

So sorry.

Very sad. It is one thing if he couldn't see well enough to hunt, but being hand fed is no life for any wild animal. 🙁

It never gets easy.

So sorry

I am So so sorry!!

So sorry. It comforting to know his was as comfortable as possible, warm and cared for to the end. Thanks for all you do!

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2 weeks ago

HawkTalk, Inc.

Newest patient...getting him to Dr. Martinez tomorrow for evaluation. Looks as though the eye is becoming pthisical, which means it's wasting away and will eventually shrink down to the size of a garden pea. We have to euthanize these cases because it creates a portal of entry for bacteria to collect.

That said, I DID have one case where the eye's hole plugged itself and reinflated. We'll have to wait and see.youtube.com
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Video image

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Such a beautiful creature. Hoping for the best!

Poor baby. 🙁

Stunning! Is it not possible to totally sew the eye socket shut to prevent entry of bacteria? We do that with cats when there's an eye removal.

The problem is with owls, removing the eye basically takes half their face away due to the enormous size of their specialty eyeballs. In order to remove the contents, you would first have to remove the scleral ossicle. Makes for fairly horrific looking teaching ambassador. Even if you were to replace the scleral ossicle and sew the lids shut, then you have an eyelid with a large sunken in area.

Actually, I consulted with a veterinary ophthalmologist yesterday about the possibility of removing the scleral ossicle, scooping out the contents, insert an ISP (Intraoccular silicone prosthesis), then replace the SO and suture the lids shut. That way, his face would remain intact and it would just look like his eye was shut without half of his face missing. Normally, silicone is relatively inert, but upon reflection, Dr. King's concern is rejection. ISP's can be done on dogs, but not on cats because it's rejected as a foreign body. She was going to call on colleagues that work primarily with raptors, but then I thought of the OTHER problem with doing an ISP - they are ROUND which isn't the shape of an owl eye, (see below) so we would have to determine if it's ever been done before without rejection, then where in the world would we find an ISP in the shape of an owl eye.


Well, after consulting with my primary care vet this afternoon, we are going to give it a whirl with an enucleation. I really hated to give up on this bird because of his demeanor as a possible candidate as a teaching ambassador. My vet is hopeful that there won't be too much of a cosmetic issue, which is what I was worried about. I will have to hold a itty bitty fund raiser for the money to pay for the surgery, tho...I hate asking for money, but I want to do what's best for the bird in the long run...

Fingers crossed......hope Dr. Martinez works some magic!

I also have a call in to the veterinary ophthalmologist to see what she would charge.

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3 weeks ago

HawkTalk, Inc.

Hit by car up in Pickens County, this poor Barred owl was blinded and has a broken jaw. His little spirit is now soaring the heavens. *sigh* ... See MoreSee Less

Hit by car up in Pickens County, this poor Barred owl was blinded and has a broken jaw. His little spirit is now soaring the heavens. *sigh*

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Fly free lil one

Hail, the little traveler...

Shout out to Dr. Lewis and his crew at Wayside VC in Jasper for helping out!

Hang tough, you can't win them all and he bird is no longer suffering.

So sad, but glad he was given a chance..

I'm so sorry. I'm glad he's not suffering. Love you, Monteen, for all you do.


Thank goodness he wasn't left to die a slow and agonizing death on the road.

I know Tammie Curtis - that's the thing I focus on...how much worse off it could have become for him.

Yes, sometimes the hardest thing to do require the most empathy to do. I have worked hospice and I always say that there are worse things than death. Thank you for taking care of this guy.

Watching the slow demise of my dear friend was almost too much to bear. If any of you reading this happen to be around when I take a turn for the worse and death is imminent, PLEASE put me down.

I'm with ya

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